Marcos Bontempo

Marcos Bontempo was born in Argentina in 1969. He presently lives in the town of Ronda, Spain, where his family immigrated in 1978.

Marcos’ personality and emotional shifts have led him to create two separate bodies of work. During the day, Marcos draws and paints very refined landscapes which depict the surroundings of his daily walks. But rather than being vapid, they are striking by their depth. During the night, he paints a whole other universe, that of a world filled with figures, each one like a scream coming out of a shadow on a theatrical stage. Each one of these figures is floating in space and has a life of its own, all reminders of ancient rituals, of ancestral beings, totems or polymorphic beings.

Bontempo combines black inks, either with iron oxide or with indigo blue, at times even with salt so as to create a chemical reaction on his sheet of paper. These interactions reflect the deepest part of his dual personality: extreme pain and amazing beauty. If we are astounded by one single figure, we are almost immediately captivated by their spell and togetherness when we see them all at once.

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Date: July 12, 2016